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Art and Wine

Wine is a recurring theme in my art and it occurred to me that there are a few similarities between the art and wine. Wine used to be the sole preserve of the establishment, it wasn't that long ago you would not have had wine on the table in an average home, and probably wouldn't have been able to buy it in a local store. The same is true of art, it was something that most people had no access to or knowledge of. When I first started to create paintings I was determined to make my art accessible to everyone, and to seek a new route beyond inaccessible galleries who were not interested in someone like me just starting out.

That's why I set up my website, when everybody was still saying that nobody would ever buy off the internet, I knew they were wrong and look at it now. You can now buy great pieces of art at prices that are accessible without the fear of walking into an art gallery and being treated like some 2nd class citizen who obviously shouldn't be there.

Art and wine are now affordable and fully accessible for everyone to enjoy, thank goodness. Everyone can now buy beautiful paintings at an affordable price, and view them while enjoying a glass of the good stuff.

Some of my wine based paintngs are on show with my favourite wine merchant, Jez at Wine and the Vine in Radlett. He has successfully sold a number of paintnigs for me and my art fits perfectly into his space. I can highly recommend him as a wine merchant, friendly, knowlegeable with a superb selection of wines, I am yet to have a bad bottle from him, and I've had many. Pay Jez a visit if you're in the area or visit his website Wine and the Vine you won't be disappointed.

Wine Painting
Wine Painting
Wine Painting
wine Painting

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