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"Starlight" - large abstract painting

60x24 inches 1.34 inches deep
152.4x61cm 3.4cm deep
Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas
Varnished & Finished around the Sides
Ready to Hang in your home

A large abstract painting reminiscent of a nebular in our universe a place where stars are created. Richly textured and multicoloured including blue, yellow, red turquoise and orange full of movement and light. A sumptuous organic colourful work of abstract art and a painting which will create a fantastic focal point in any modern interior. It simply draws you in to take a closer look at the colour and movement a stunning painting in distinctive style.

We are all made from elements and they are made in stars, therefore we're all made from stardust... I love that thought. The universe may seem chaotic, I like to think of it as in balance just as nature appears complex there is balance there at the same time.

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