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Three wats to easily identify an artist.

When I first started painting, not knowing any better, I purchased my paint in small 50ml tubes, and had virtually every hue available to me. I soon realised that a more limited pallet produced less garish paintings, and that buying paint in a larger sized 2.5 litre bucket was far more cost effective and convenient. I wish I'd known that from the beginning.

I've noticed something else too. A pathological reluctance to ever throw away a paint brush. I now have over 500 in various stages of use or misuse, and although some of them are only good for stirring paint I just can't bring myself to throwing them away. They are like old friends.

inally, most of my clothes have varying degrees of paint on them! There are probably more with paint on than without. Common sense tells me to always change into some old clothes when painting, if the creative muse comes along all that just goes straight out of the window. I always convince myself it'll never be that messy... it always is.

If you see anyone exhibiting any or all of the above attributes, or know of someone who is always covered in paint and has started to collect brushes, it's just possible you're in the company of an artist!

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